Mountains, At Last

We left our Tillebook Provincial Park campsite on Friday morning (6/16), and continued west on the Trans-Canada Highway, from Brooks, AB. The two hour drive to Calgary was similar to the previous several days, with fields of wheat as far as one could see.  We started to see a few rolling hills around Calgary, but the last hour of the drive to Banff is when the landscape changed dramatically.  The drive felt like we had gone from the fields of Nebraska to  Cascade Mountains in Washington in just over 60 minutes.

And, just like that, there are mountains.
Hurray, we made it to Banff!

We continued on to Banff, AB and found our campsite at the gigantic Tunnel Mountain campground.  Even with the huge number of campers at this sprawling complex, many of the sites offer mountain views.

Site C46 in Tunnel Mountain Village II
Our site also had a nice view of Mount Rundle

After dinner, Lucy and I followed the trail next to our site for the best walk of our trip (so far).  The strong wildfire haze we experienced earlier in the day had decreased, allowing for even better views of the surrounding mountains.  Along the way, Lucy suddenly got very excited and started jumping around.  She had spotted a fox getting a drink from a puddle.  Lucy wanted to go play, but thankfully the fox ran away. 

Lucy hunted for gophers while I enjoyed the views
Follow Lucy's gaze to see a fox next to the stop sign.

Tomorrow (Saturday, 6/17) we plan to explore the Banff area, and then head up to our campsite near Lake Louise.  Sorry, no “silly selfies” today. We were too busy admiring the views.

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