Tatanka Day

Have you ever driven across one of the Great Plains states? First you start to admire the wide open sky and beautiful fields stretching to the flat horizon.  Then, maybe your mind wanders to thinking of the struggles the pioneers had to overcome as they cross this land.  Next you might think about battling through one of those famous blinding prairie snow storms.   Then you realize you’ve only traveled about 30 miles.  You have to look at this exact same view the rest of the day.

Located just off of I-94 in Jamestown, ND
See the largest (fake) bison in ND

We were excited to see signs for a tourist attraction in Jamestown, ND to provide us with a much needed break as we drove across North Dakota on Monday (6/12).  We’ve started a family tradition of taking “silly selfies” during our trips.  This place clearly offered some great opportunities to continue the tradition.

Not sure there is an appropriate caption here.
Yep. Laurie really did agree to do this.

Not much else to report.  We made it to the RV park just outside of Minot, ND.  Tomorrow (6/13) we cross the boarder into Canada.

Rough Rider RV Park, just outside of Minot, ND
Still light out at 10PM!

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